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He Can Count To Ten

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Collider brings us news that perhaps Neill Blomkamp is working on a sequel to District 9. Reported tentative title? District 10!

But of course.

This is more rumour than news right now, but if true, it’s pretty cool. District 9 was an excellent film, and while it had its flaws, really delivered. This was a science fiction movie that was really science fiction. This wasn’t an action or fantasy with tech thrown in, this was exploring an idea with the backdrop of technological and human advancement.

My big worry is that this is all Blomkamp has. I’m surprised he didn’t try to do something else for his sophomore shot. Maybe the signals he was getting told him he had been labelled a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder. Maybe he’s going for the easy money to show he’s bankable. Then again, maybe he has more to say.

Could be interesting.