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Delayed Bonding

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As much as I was tepid on Quantum of Solace, it was a heck of a lot better than most of the scripts Brosnan got. Now, because MGM is going tits up, we don’t know when we’ll see the next Bond.

We know we’re going to get a new Bond movie. The question is just: when? The big fear is that we’ll lose Daniel Craig, someone who did a great job of bringing the cold bastard of the novels part way to the screen. Not since From Russia With Love has Bond been so cool and so close to the literary character.

If they had only given him the scar.

We might not just lose Craig. Sam Mendes was signed for Bond 23. Now Mendes isn’t known for his huge action extravaganzas, however, if he can make Tom Hanks bad-ass, I think he just might have what it takes.

So, what’s going to happen with Bond? Who knows. I just hope that it’ll be soon enough to take advantage of the talent that’s available for it.