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Clive Joining the Killer Elite?

It looks like the man who is not James Bond is still getting some action roles. This one, alongside Jason Statham.

Variety insists that Clive Owen is joining the Killer Elite, a movie based on the novel the Feather Men, and already starring Statham. The novel, according to Chapters:

. . . tells the story of two secret organizations. One, the Clinic, consisting of three contract killers, and the other, the Feathermen, a body of men dedicated to protecting the interest of the men and their families, who serve or have served in the SAS.

Yeah, Killer Elite sounds a little more badass than the Feathermen . . . unless you happen to be really frightened of a good tickling.

In any case, I’m usually up for a Jason Statham movie—though I have not yet hazarded Revolver. Clive Owen usually delivers. I think the two together will be entertaining at the very least, so this looks like an item of interest for me. Early days, though. Lots could go wrong between now and whenever the heck this thing comes out.