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3-D Kicked My Puppy

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Oh god. Please, stop the madness.

So the Last Airbender (It’s Avatar: the Last Airbender, and James Cameron should have not been a dick and let them use the title) is going to be converted into 3D. Converted, as in it was not shot that way.

I was all hyped to go see Clash of the Titans. Then the studio indicated it would be converted to 3D. Then I started reading the reviews. Then I stopped wanting to go. Part of it was just the fact that it sounded like a train-wreck of a movie, but added to that was the fact that they were going to ask me to pay more so I could get the 3D experience.

But it’s not a 3D experience. It wasn’t envisioned or filmed as 3D. It’s like asking me to pay more money to see a colourized version of the Maltese Falcon.

And if you did that, I would kick you square in the nuts. Then spit on you. Then wash off the spit with piss. And gasoline. Then I would light you on fire.

The Last Airbender is another movie I was hyped to see. I loved the series. Now, I am starting to wonder. Are they converting to 3D just because they figure they can make more money? Is this another Clash of the Titans in which the studio realizes they have a total clusterfuck and are trying to salvage something from the wreck? I really don’t know.

I do know this: given the choice of seeing the Last Airbender as a 2D or a 3D movie, I’ll go 2D. Even if I hear how amazing it looks.

It’s a 2D film. It was filmed for 2D. That’s how I want to see it.