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Who Will Guard the Galaxy?

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What the comics world has basically told me is that my love is the kiss of death.

First, the Immortal Iron Fist, the comic that basically got me back into comics, died quietly.

Then J. Michael Straczynski leaves Thor, which doesn’t necessarily doom the book, but does put its future in question.

Now, the Guardians of the Galaxy may be disappearing. It is certain that GoG will “go on hiatus” during the Thanos Imperative. The question is, will it return?

It seems that now the smart money is on no. After the Thanos Imperative, both Nova and GoG are likely gone–at least as stand-alone comics. And, honestly, that’s how I want to see GoG. Nova is good (same basic team), but GoG is the one I collect.

So what do I have left? Just the Boys.

I guess this will save me some money.


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