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The Book on Book

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I, for one, am a Firefly fan. I’m a fan of the TV series and I’m a fan of the movie. I’m not rabid enough to consider myself a browncoat, but I know the story and the characters rocked the house.

I loves me some Firefly.

I also love comics.

Odd thing? I haven’t read any of the Firefly comics. Go figure, eh? That may change. I’m looking at getting a new job in April, and with the increase in pay, I think I’m going to put a little bit aside each month to purchase comic collections. I’ve been doing it sporadically, but there are some specific series that I want to catch up on and collect. The Firefly comics would be one of the earliest, considering they are both so reasonably priced.

And now there is another series starting, one that may actually be my first purchase.

Comic Book Resources has some information on a new series that will focus on the back story of Shepherd Book. Better still, it is written by Joss Whedon and his brother Zack, so what we are looking at is the actual back story Joss planned for the character. That is awesome.

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