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Captain Johnny Jensen from America?

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In Captain America casting rumours, all those rumours you heard before? Yeah, those were just rumours. Ignore them. The new rumours? Total. Absolute. Truth. Trust us, these rumours are the real rumours, not like those other rumours, which were just, like, rumours.

Um, yeah.

In any case, one of the names in the running is Chris Evans. I was certainly not impressed with the Fantastic Four movie, nor its sequel, but I have to say that Chris Evans was not part of the problem. I think he did a great job with Johnny Storm. I totally believed his character in Sunshine, and it looks like he’s done a great job portraying Jensen from the Losers. Of the three names I’ve seen (which include Chris Evans, Mike Vogel, and Garrett Hedlund), my vote’s for Evans. That’s only because I have no idea about the other two.

My thinking is that if Evans can do Johnny Storm, Mace (from Sunshine) and Jensen, then he could probably pull off Steve Rogers. Looking at IMDB, which I often do, he’s got a lot of other stuff in there that I can’t comment on because I haven’t seen it.

I wouldn’t call myself a Chris Evans fanboy, but he seems to do a solid job in everything in which i have seen him, so I have some trust in the man.

I can’t say as much for Joe Johnston. Sure he did a great job with the Rocketeer, but nothing since then has particularly impressed. Considering the total bases loaded home run Jon Favreau hit with Iron Man, and the track record of Kenneth Branagh before getting Thor, I really have to question what Johnson is doing helming Captain America.

Then again, of the three, it’s the one in which I am least interested. So, if one of the Marvel movies has to suck, feel free to throw Cap in front of the bus.