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The Losers Make A Move

The Losers posterAnd so my big plans for April have been dashed. The Losers have made the move to the gladiatorial arena of movies, also known as summer.

First, I got the news from Andy Diggle (the author of the Losers comic) on twitter.

“THE LOSERS movie is moving to June! This is a MASSIVE vote of confidence from WB, who see it as a big summer movie after A+ test screening!”

I mean, great that the movie is test-screening so well, but I might actually have the chance to go see a movie in April, and this was what I planned to see.

Then Matt Goldberg over at Collider announced the date would be June 4th. That’s the weekend before the A-Team comes out.the Losers cast

Now, as cool as the casting and the trailer for the A-Team may be, given the choice, my movie dollar will go to the Losers. That may change as more information comes available, but right now I’m going by my love for the comic and the trailer. I realize this isn’t a literal adaptation—liberties have been taken—but that’s the way it works. I still think it looks like they’ve retained enough of the cool from the comics to make the movie awesome.

I’ve got a long wait until I find out if that is true. That wait is going to seem even long since in response to a question about the content of the movie, Mr. Diggle also tweeted: “First TPB plus the flashback origin story from later issues.”

I think I need a new pair of pants. Clean up in aisle 3!