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The Boys On the Screen?

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It seems we’re going to be getting a movie about the Boys. The comic is written by Garth Ennis and is about a CIA black ops team tasked with keeping all those crazy supers in line. It is one of the few comics I still follow faithfully, and while I’ll be the first to admit there have been a few mis-steps, in general, it is balls to the wall action. I absolutely recommend it.

Now Superhero Hype has an interview with the screenwriters. They indicate that Garth Ennis has been very generous and supportive. It seems he understands his comic is going to be adapted, and by adapted we mean changed. H e seems cool with that.

The writers have indicated that they are faithful to the characters in the comic, both the Boys themselves and the supers. They mention creating new characters, and given the roster of the comic already, I have some trouble figuring out why they would need to do so. It may be required for the story they are telling, or as a way to shorthand or otherwise illustrate aspects of the story comic geeks will know but a general audience might miss.

The writers also said that there was a definite desire to get Simon Pegg to play Wee Hughie, which is akin to getting Samuel L Jackson to play Nick Fury (Ultimates version). The character design of Wee Hughie  was obviously based on Simon Pegg, so getting him on the screen would be tres cool.

Until we hear more, there’s not much to comment on. I am, however, excited. First Thor, then the Losers, and now the Boys. When do I get my Guardians of the Galaxy or Immortal Iron Fist movie?