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Shane Black is Getting Savage

I can’t say that I’m huge into pulp, but I do enjoy it and am always ready to check it out in a movie or on TV. Heck, I even enjoyed the Phantom, so, y’know, I might be suspect.

I am a huge fan of the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, though not everyone was. Everything in this movie clicked for me, from the story, to the performances, to the awesome dialogue delivered with incredible confidence by the leads.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang happened to have been Shane Black’s directorial debut. Shane Black had made a name for himself as a great action movie writer in the 80s and 90s, and even appeared as one of Arnie’s spec ops boys in Predator.

Now, Mr. Black seems destined to both write (in collaboration) and direct (one expects solo) Doc Savage.

There’s not much more information than that, but I’m excited. I’ll love to see what the guy who wrote Lethal Weapon and directed KK,BB is going to do with the Man of Bronze.

Sometimes Hollywood–just sometimes–I love you.