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Riddick Gets More Chronicles?

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I actually enjoyed the Chronicles of Riddick. Yes, it was worlds away from Pitch Black (pun intended), but I loved the world-building and loved the mix of fantasy and science fiction. A perfect movie? No. An enjoyable movie? Hells yeah.

So it looks like the often mentioned but never pursued sequel –or would that be the third in the series—may actually be a go. Or maybe not. I mean, nothing is ever certain when we’re talking about making movies, right?

Variety is saying that Universal has domestic rights and that foreign rights are still up for grabs. What that means is that someone is committed to making this film. The word is it’s going to be cheaper than the Chronicles of Riddick, probably closer to Pitch Black. This makes me wonder how they are going to deal with the story left hanging in the last movie.

I’ll be interested to see where this franchise goes. I actually prefer the superhero Riddick of the second movie to the pseudo-psychopath of the first. Yeah, “Pitch Black Riddick” was badass, but “Chronicles Riddick” was an out-and-out hero. I prefer the latter.