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Is That Slate Clean?

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Slate is doing its own version of a pledge drive. Slate has a collection of pretty hot podcasts. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I definitely dig on a hot podcast. Slate has three to which I regularly listen, one of which is a “must listen.” The pledge drive isn’t about money, it’s about attracting listeners. My goal is get at least one person hooked on one of these quality podcasts. If you listen to podcasts, and any of these sound interesting, do yourself a favour and check them out. These are seriously engaging shows with great hosts.

So, three great podcasts from Slate.

1. The Political Gabfest: This podcast is all about politics. The three usual hosts discuss the hot topics of the week, and the conversation is always vibrant, informative, and fun. Yes, fun. While the topics can be dry, the interplay never is. These three have opinions and they like to express them. This show is as much about the personalities as the information. A definite favourite, and one of my “must listen” podcasts.

2. The Culture Gabfest: Like above, but with different hosts and looking at “culture,” meaning movies, books, TV, music, just about anything out there in the zeitgeist that isn’t politics. I really enjoy this podcast as well, but unlike the Gabfest, I might skip over sections or entire episodes if there is nothing that interests. Skipping an episode is exceptionally rare, because like the Gabfest, the conversation is usually informative and amusing. These are smart people discussing interesting topics.

3. Money Talks: I really don’t know anything about economics or finance, but the hosts and guests of Money Talks make it easy to understand. They don’t dumb it down, mind you, they are just very clear and very concise. Like the above two, the conversation is always interesting. Seriously, these guys make finance interesting and often amusing. In my books, that’s no small feat. Don’t be turned off by the subject matter, because economics has become totally intertwined in our daily lives, and I feel I understand things a little better after following this podcast for about 9 months.

There you have it. Three great podcasts. Do yourself a favourite and at least check out their most recent episodes. I have a feeling that you’ll get hooked.

P.S. Hang Up and Listen is probably good, but I’m just not a sports guy. Now, when they start doing a gaming podcast, I am SO there.


2 thoughts on “Is That Slate Clean?”

  1. Well…bet you didn’t know I read your blog! Hah – I do!

    I am going to check out the Money Talks podcast. I’ll let you know if I end up hooked or not. Ask Rob, I am obsessed with our finances (or lack thereof), so anything that gives me insight, pointers or more information to work from definitely interests me.

    Thanks for posting these links!


  2. Well, this isn’t really my blog! Hah – fooled you!

    Granted, this is all the gaming and media stuff, but not the blogtastic stuff. That’s going to be happening over at tumblr . . . if I continue baring my soul, which I may avoid in the near future.

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