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For Simple Awesome

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On Spec CoverI think I like the title “Mercenary Hack of the Fantasy World.”

Screw that, I love the title.

For those of you just joining us, I’m the featured author in the current issue of On Spec. It’s also got my story “For Simple Coin” in there. I was thrilled to see the title of the interview. It’s absolutely true. That’s me.

Now, you all need to go and buy a copy (perhaps two). Given that I mention sword noir in the interview, I’m going to take some time over the next few weeks to try to develop the concept both here—for fiction—and Sword’s Edge Publishing—for gaming.

If you happen to be here because you read about this place in On Spec, welcome. The fiction you were promised can be found here and at SEP.

Stick around for more fun.