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Chasing Dune

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, a guy named Chase Palmer (seriously, that is totally going to be the name of a character in my Osiris Files campaign) is going to write the planned Dune movie.

Now, I have no idea who Mr. Palmer might be, other than the gestalt of Ambrose Chase and Harry Palmer . . . sorry, my RPG campaign has again leaked into this post.

What is important, and what makes me smile and giggle quietly to myself (in a “giddy schoolgirl” rather than “cannibal psychopath” fashion) is that the director “. . . is intent on hewing close to the source material, Frank Herbert’s classic 1965 sci-fi tome.”

Ah hells yeah.

Of course, the intent and the accomplishment are two very different things. Still, it gives one hope. Hope that Hollywood can then dash in order to feed its insatiable black heart fuelled with the pathos and tears of geeks, but hope nonetheless.