The Men Who Stare At Musketeers

So it seems the newest incarnation of the Three Musketeers will fuse the producer of Sherlock Holmes with the writer of the Men Who Stare At Goats. At least that’s what Variety is saying. They wouldn’t lie to me, would they?

Oh, an apparently they are going to “update Dumas’ swashbuckling tale to appeal to young, contemporary [audiences].”

Did they learn nothing from Teenage Mutant Ninja Musketeers?

Of course, I’m of the mind that no further adaptations need be done since Richard Lester made the perfect one in the form of two movies. If you have money to throw around, let’s get better transfers and clean those movies up so we have as pristine a copy as possible, with commentary from everyone even tangently involved in the production.

But that’s just me. And if you don’t agree, well, I’m sorry, but you’re just wrong.


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3 Responses to The Men Who Stare At Musketeers

  1. Brad says:

    Are you referring to the ones where Michael Yorke played D’artagnan?

  2. Fraser says:

    That’s the one. Pure awesome. Richard Lester filmed the book in two movies (The Three Musketeers and the Four Musketeers) and–being a huge fan of the novel–I haven’t seen anyone do it better.

  3. Brad says:

    Great movie…one of my faves. I did enjoy the recent one (90s) with Kiefer Sutherland in it, albeit it had nothing really to do with the Dumas story.

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