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Trekking Into 2012

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Did you enjoy Star Trek? Are you looking forward to the sequel? Can you wait until June 29, 2012?

I would answer absolutely, definitely and if I really have to.

Box Office Mojo is indicating that the Star Trek sequel will be released June 29, 2012. That’s a damn long wait for most of us. Star Trek was one of the very, very few movies I actually saw in the theatre. I have to say, I was suitably impressed. This movie really re-energized the franchise. It wasn’t Star Trek as I remember it from the many reruns, it wasn’t the many ST movies with the original crew, it certainly wasn’t any of the reincarnations, from Next Generation to Enterprise. No, this was something different.

This was action-adventure Star Trek. It didn’t have the thoughts and themes that made old ST so popular. It did have great characters—all of the main ones, riffs on characters that have come before—and great action sequences. I was sad they couldn’t do more with Eric Bana, a really talented actor, and the science was the usual wonky ST technobabble, but on the whole, the movie was a win.

Let’s hope ST2 is able to follow suit. I don’t care if they continue the action-adventure style or go back to thoughtful ruminations on big ideas, just give me another ST and make it good.

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