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Trailing the Losers

losers.jpgThe first trailer is up for the Losers. It looks like they are drastically changing the storyline while keeping some of the cooler scenes. I’m cool with that. It also looks like they’ve increased the humour factor. I’m not particularly cool with that (see my comments on Red). But, whatever–I’m giving this one the benefit of the doubt for a few reasons.

1) It looks like they’ve got the characters done well enough. I don’t think I can see Clay and Roque from the comic fist-bumping, but Pooch, Cougar and Jensen look about right. Jensen might be a little bit too geek-chic and too little geek-geek, but I can live with that.

2) I never did like the actual resolution in the comic book. The Max revelation never did it for me. If they’ve been able to get the basic cool badassedness that was the Losers into a single movie, I’m ready to accept a lot of deviations from the original.

Let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic. I may even try to pull the required strings to get to see this in the theatre.

Check out the trailer at MSN Movies.