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Thor Likes Them Humans

thor_1.jpgAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, yet another actress has been added to the cast of Thor. The role of “one of the humans.” Tough one.

What does this mean? Pretty much nothing. It’s just any time I get Thor news, is gives me a chance to bask in the anticipation of a Thor movie being directed by Kenneth “Henry V, motherfucker” Branagh.

That could just as easily be Kenneth “Dead Again, motherfucker” Branagh, Kenneth “Much Ado, motherfucker” Branagh, Kenneth “Frankenstein, motherfucker” Branagh, etc. Etc. To avoid confusion, I like Kenneth “unabridged Hamlet, motherfucker” Branagh as a director.

Though I would never refer to him as Kenneth “Swing Kids, motherfucker” Branagh. That would be wrong.