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Haven’t We Already Seen Zombie Deadpool?

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There are writers on board for the much anticipated (at least by me) Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. Variety is telling me (and just me, so don’t even bother to ask them) that these are the guys from Zombieland . . . not that they are actually from a place called Zombieland, rather, they wrote the movie called Zombieland.

You know what I mean.

And this means happiness. I haven’t seen it (because I don’t get to see movies, just write about how much I anticipate them), but reviews from those I trust tell me it’s good.

Ryan Reynolds knows his Deadpool stuff, these writers seem to be able to pull off the action comedy, what could possibly go wrong?

Let me see . . . director, studio interference, finances, Gozilla. So, a shitload of stuff can still mess this up.

Here’s me praying it doesn’t. See God? See me prayin’ for Deadpool?

P.S., did you see the title of the article? I always love it when they use the term “tap!”

Tap that, bitches.