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Green Lantern, eh?

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I haven’t posted on it much–if at all–but that’s not to say that I have no interest in the expected Green Lantern movie, especially since fellow-Canuck Ryan Reynolds is on board as Hal Jordan. I was a Green Lantern fan back in the days of Green Lantern/Green Arrow, collecting the pocket digests they used to do back then (I guess to sell in check-out lines? I don’t know) rather than the actual trade size collections we get now.

I’m not excited because while super cop with a power ring is an awesome concept, it is really heavily dependent on the writer and the director. Green Lantern is a lot like Superman–the concept can totally flop in the wrong hands.

Now, Martin Campbell, who is slated to direct, directed Casino Royale, my third favourite Bond film, so I have some hope that this might be a good movie. Given the budget, given the prominence of the character in the DC universe, and given that I haven’t heard much from those involved to lead me to believe they are invested in the character, I’m thinking we’ll probably get something fun and interesting, but not anything important or different.

Bryan Singer back with the X-Men? Important.

A Deadpool movie, with the insanity and breaking the fourth wall? Different.

Green Lantern? Neither.

Though I await correction . . . possibly delivered by a massive-huge, glowing, green fist.