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Dune Has Been Taken!

So, the guy that directed Taken is set to direct Dune.

Sigh. May I have my steaming hot cup of disappointment spilled in my lap now, please?

Not that Taken was a bad movie. In fact, it was awesome . . . for what it was. As a straight-ahead actioner, I don’t think you can do much better. At least not recently. You’ve got the tongue-in-cheek ultra-violence of Shoot ‘Em Up and Smokin’ Aces, but Taken had a real story, and Liam Neeson sold it like a mother-fucker.

Now, I don’t know how much I would have loved that same movie without Liam Neeson. I really don’t know how Taken could have worked without such a central and strong performance.

Will Pierre Morel be able to hit pay dirt twice? Well, he did direct District 13, which I hear was interesting (though I really haven’t heard much comment on its quality), and he has From Paris With Love coming, which might tell us if he can hit paydirt twice.

And then we can start worrying about him pissing all over Dune.

I am such an optimist.