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Date With the Claws

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wolverine.jpgSo, apparently the Wolverine sequel is coming in 2012. Of this and and the Star Trek sequel, ST2 wins hands down.

I saw Star Trek in the theatre. I saw Wolverine on DVD. A DVD borrowed from the library at that. I had my misgivings, reviews told me I was likely right, and I have to say I wasn’t blown away by the movie. It was okay. Not bad. Considering the talent they were working with and the insane amount of source material they could have played with, I’m a little disappointed with what they delivered, and I’m a little more disappointed that they felt they had to do the origin story.

I feel the same way about Marvel, and its continued desperation to tell us every little detail about Logan’s life. Wasn’t he cool because he was the man with the shady past? Now he’s just the man with the confusing past. Not quite the same cachet.

Now, I like that they are apparently going to use the Logan in Japan angle, which usually works pretty good (though I found Kitty Pryde and Wolverine tepid, at best). I’m not going to get excited, but I am waiting with anticipation. There’s the chance they’ll pull off something extraordinary.

Here’s hoping.