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Blonde Sapphire

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And here I was going on about how I wasn’t overly excited about the Green Lantern movie, and here’s more Green Lantern news.

I’m still not overly excited.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Blake Lively will be playing Carol Ferris. That would be Hal Jordan’s love interest and also, later in the comics, his nemesis Star Sapphire. I haven’t been following Blackest Night very closely, but the whole Care Bear Colours War that was going on in Green Lantern Corps had an army of Star Sapphires. Like I said, I haven’t followed the comics since I was a kid, so I don’t know if the Star Sapphire Corps is a recent innovation or something a little older. I have no idea how it will play in the movie.

And other than having a pretty cool name that might work for a Bond girl, I know nothing of Ms. Lively or her work . . . other than that she looks pretty good in her pics.

Also, apparently, principle photography begins in 10 weeks. That’s pretty soon.