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A Legion of a Villain

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This is in danger of becoming the Green Lantern blog, which is odd, since I’m not particularly excited about the movie. Irony, thy name is . . . see below.

So I was out there reading Screen Rant, which I often do, and lo and behold there’s an article on Green Lantern.

And on Sinestro.

And on Sinestro’s role as: “a mentor or drill sergeant . . .”

Now this is all speculation, based on an “early script review,” and may change if/when the movie gets going.

There’s also speculation that Jackie Earle Haley, he of Rorshach, is in some way, shape, or form connected to the role of Sinestro, even though he has specifically denied that.

Now this is interesting, and I think introducing Sinestro as the mentor to later use him as a villain–especially with a substantial portion of the audience well aware of the irony as Sinestro trains Hal Jordan–is the way to go. The way not to go, I would argue, is to have two villains in the movie.

Which is why the article’s reference to Legion as the other villain (Hector Hammond being the first) makes me just shake my head. Is there enough stupidity for a face palm? Perhaps not, but it is certainly moving in that direction.

What the fuck is it with Hollywood and its inability to focus? Richard Donner’s first Superman was spectacular. Guess what? One villain. Granted, Superman II rocked the house, and it had a suite of villains, but in that movie it was a collection of villains linked together. It’s like X-Men, wherein the real villain is Magneto and the other villains basically act as his surrogates. Hmmm, X-Men United kind of went with two villains as well.

Okay, okay, the FIRST movie in a franchise should only have one villain. That villain might have a posse (like R’as al Ghul in the Batman Begins), but there is one villain, one focus. I mean, there’s a lot going on in the intro to a (hoped for) franchise, so let’s not mess it up by trying to do too much.

Not seeing the script, maybe Hammond and Legion are linked somehow, like Mystique and Magneto in X-Men, or Bullseye and Kingpin in Daredevil. Still, I reserve the internet right to be offended and appalled without any concrete evidence.

While not actually offended nor appalled, I reserve that right.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled stuff.