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Fandral Goes to Dallas

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thor_1.jpgStuart Townsend, who had been cast as Fandral in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor (yes, it is now Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, not Marvel’s . . . deal with it), has left due to—get this—“creative differences.”

Seriously? Stuart “the high point of my career is a toss-up between Queen of the Damned and LXG” Townsend is having creative differences with Kenneth “too many high points to list, most dealing with Shakespeare, bitch” Branagh? I’m seeing either total diva behaviour from Townsend or Branagh just decided the guy sucked and tossed him.

Whatever the reason, I have a feeling Townsend will look back on this as yet another total fuck-up, much like snagging Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings, only to un-snag it. Smooth.

So now Fandral will be played by Joshua “this is the high point of my career” Dallas.

Best of luck, Mr. Dallas. Mr. Townsend, I’m sure you’ll recover given the tender ministrations of your girlfriend . . . Charlize Theron.

Yeah, don’t waste too many tears for that guy.