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2010 . . . Isn’t That A Movie . . .

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. . .Or something?

And so it begins. 2010. The Year We Make . . . stuff.

You want to know a secret? I didn’t party hard on New Year’s Eve. I actually haven’t since 2002 (whoa!) and I didn’t make it to midnight that time.

But here we are, in the new year. What of 2009?

Listen, if you’ve been reading this blog, I don’t need to tell you about 2009. You know about my 2009.

What about my 2010? As stated on the SEP website, 2010 might be about Mundus Novit. It will be coming, just how in when is still up in the air, but this is the year you will get a chance to see what might be considered my magnum opus of settings–not that I have designed many settings at all . . . none that have been published, in any case. Mundus Novit is done, it has been written. What would require work are the ancillaries.

Here’s a secret–the plan is to release the setting sourcebook as systemless, and follow up with systems’ supplements. The supplement for Modern (being the modern version of the world’s most popular RPG–which is how we’ll be calling it, since the d20 licence no longer exists) is done. The supplement for True20 is in the works (I just need to get that licence to actually market a True20 product). A supplement for Savage Worlds is a possibility, but this will be based on 1) the sales of MN and 2) the sales of other supplements.

Savage Worlds might be, just might be the most popular system used for modern games these days, but I have no data to show this. Thing is, I’m going to see how popular MN is before I do any more work on it. If MN sales like crazy, the True20 supplement is a given (the Modern one is already done, so also a given). If the sales of the system supplements are unimpressive, I won’t likely put the effort into a Savage Worlds ‘port just based on expected returns. I have other things I can work on.

The sales of MN will also affect how I market and release the Osiris Files. More on those also in the SEP post.

But outside of RPG writing, I hope to get more fiction writing completed. Once Mundus Novit: Dark Horizons is completed, the time I had put into that will be available for other work. Can I finish the short stories that I have begun, including one that needs a reworked climax and one that just needs an ending written (but has an ending already outlined)? Will I work on more long format fiction?

If I do more long format fiction, one thing I plan to do is post the “submission package” here–that would be the first three chapters and at least part of the outline/summary. I’d like this to generate feedback. I expect it will not. You’re all kind of quiet types, aren’t you (and I know you are out there, all of you–Google Analytics tells me so!).