Taking a 3-D Dump on a Classic

My apologies, this is about to get . . . florid. If foul language offends you, move along. Nothing to see here.

3-D Musketeers? By Paul W. S. Anderson? Couldn’t he just anally rape me then take me behind the chemical shed and put a bullet in my brain pan? No, apparently that’s not enough suffering.

Hmmm, contemporary feel but 18th Century setting? Really? Interesting, considering the Three Musketeers was set in the 17th century. Oh, and contemporary? Been done. That one sucked, though it was far from the worst. Now that PWSA may be on the case, worst could take on a whole new meaning . .  a worse meaning . . . what’s worse than worst?

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2 Responses to Taking a 3-D Dump on a Classic

  1. Octarine says:

    The Three Musketeers vs. Zombies? 😛

  2. Fraser says:

    Y’know, done right, I could get on board with that. Anything sounds better than PWSA’s 3-D Teenage Mutant Ninja Musketeers.

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