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Call Her a Loser. I Dare You!

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zoe-saldana-losers_l.jpgA pic has surfaced of Zoe Saldana as Aisha in the Losers. There are a few things that this picture tells me.

1) Zoe Saldana is crazy HOT. Of course, I already knew that.

2) The writer of the article either didn’t do his homework, or the movie changes Aisha’s background from Afghanistan/Pakistan to South America. If the character is South American, are they going to bother to explain the name, or just assume the viewing public are slack-jawed yokels who can’t discern between Arabic and Spanish (maybe Portuguese)?

3) They’ve got the look of the character down.

Personally, I kind of expected something a little . . . I don’t know exactly how to say this, . . . rougher? While Aisha in the comics is supposed to be attractive, she is somewhat masculine. It’s more in her poise and attitude than in her appearance, but it’s there. Not so much with Ms. Saldana.

Now I’m not saying she’s poorly cast. I think it was a casting coup. I’m eager to see how she’ll approach the role. The thing is, that smile is anything but badass.

In any case, along with the other photo, this makes me comfortable with the look of the characters. But are we going to get a decent adaptation or will they shit all over the source material? Maybe somewhere in between? It is Hollywood—they have a somewhat noticeable hatred of source material.