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There Can Be Only . . . How Many Again?

Collider reported a while back (sue me, my kids were sick and now I’m painting my fucking house!) that someone is determined to make another Highlander movie. Not a sequel, a remake.

Call it whatever you want. There can be only one, so piss off.

Let’s be frank, while a heck of a good time, Highlander is not a great movie. It simply isn’t. I mean, I love it. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve watched it. It’s not a guilty pleasure, because I feel no guilt about loving it. Still, it isn’t a great movie. It’s entertaining.

The press release talks about a “re-imagining” and an expansion of the mythology. Listen, guys, someone else tried to do that. There was this movie called the Quickening (there has only been one Highlander movie . . . though I might, MIGHT, accept that there was possibly a TV series). It sucked 18 different kinds of ass.

I would tell them to walk away, but someone obviously thinks there’s money to be made.

Seriously, Hollywood, stop remaking, reimagining, reusing, and recycling. Try something new. Create something different. I mean, go ahead and get inspired (Raiders of the Lost Ark recycled without being completely creatively bankrupt), but stop stealing other people’s stuff, okay?