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Like We NEED Another Ghost Rider?

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Because apparently someone thought the last Ghost Rider movie was an artistic achievement, they’re making another one. Well, let’s be honest, it’s because the last one made money. A movie doesn’t need to make a lot of money to be sequel worthy, especially comic book movies these days. Haven’t you heard, they’re all the rage!

And so the slightly disturbing (and incredibly disturbed) Nicholas Cage is apparently going to be involved in the Ghost Rider sequel, according to Variety. David Goyer, who has done some good comic book adaptations, is in talks to create the story.

We shall see.

Actually, you might, but I likely won’t. I still haven’t seen the original. I was a fan of the 90s Ghost Rider comic for about 10 issues. That’s the extent of my fandom. And the movie didn’t have a lot of good press. Eva Mendes was about the only thing that piqued my interest, but there’s plenty of other places to see her.