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Rover Couldn’t Keep Him in the Village

poster.jpgCollider is running a story that Christopher Nolan is off the Prisoner movie. That’s a shame. If there is one director out there that could do justice to the Prisoner, it’s Nolan. Still, I have my doubts about resurrecting the franchise. I picked up the comic mini-series and, while it was pretty good, was disappointed.

I honestly think the Prisoner should be left alone. It was a vanity project—and I use the term with utmost respect—of Patrick McGoohan. It rocked hard, but it still existed because McGoohan used his considerable cachet at the time to get it made. And I honestly don’t know if we can find someone as invested to run it again.

There will still be a TV series with Ian McKellan (yay!) and James Caviezel (meh). I have serious, serious doubts, but will check it out. Heck, if I can survive an episode of the new Flash Gordon, I can pretty much survive anything.