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Answers from Conan’s Director

Busy night.

kingconan2.jpgThis just in . . . to me, though likely the rest of the world is all over it: Conan the Movie Blog got some answers from Marcus Nispel, who is slated to direct the new Conan movie. Some interesting stuff there. Check out the interview.

When asked about the sword fights, he said:

Conan is no Errol Flynn and there will be no “frozen moments”, but he will spar with a host of characters that fight in their unique own ways. We all know that Hyboria is an ethnically diverse world. Conan will have to adapt his style slightly to conquer them.

That sounds all well and good, but he also said this:

Conan is “a man of great mirth and great melancholy”. Though, I had to look up what “mirth” meant, I certainly dig the melancholy aspect.

Okay, so not exactly a super-literate dude.

Doesn’t really calm any of my fears, and actually creates a whole new host of them.

Ah well, let’s see what happens. It couldn’t be as bad as the D&D movie. Could it?