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Anime Marvel

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marvelanime.jpgSo Marvel has pretty much given anime studio Madhouse free rein with both Iron Man and Wolverine. Check out the trailers for Iron Man and Wolvie at .

I have to say that the Wolverine one leaves me cold. That character concept probably works with anime fans, but it’s a bit too Gambit for this Canuck. I guess Marvel is trying to reach a wider audience (I guess), or they’re trying to be daring and hip. I really don’t know. In the end, I don’t find this particularly daring (unless making money is daring), though it is likely hip . . . for those who find anime hip.

Tell me, anime fans, does this anime Wolverine strike you as cool and deadly?

The Iron Man one works much better for me, and is something I might actually be interested in seeing.

wolverine.jpgPerhaps I am too invested in Wolverine. I don’t know. I just don’t dig it.

And if someone does, someone who is not familiar with Wolverine (is there anyone on this planet with the ability to watch this trailer and eventual movie that could fit that description?), when they buy a Marvel comic with Wolverine in it, they’ll likely be struck as cold by Marvel’s Wolvie as I was by Madhouse’s.

So is it about the money? Because if you tell me it’s about art, I’ll laugh in your face.