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Chest-bursting News!

alien-poster.jpgIf there has to be another Alien film—and given the last two outings I’m not sure there should be—it’s not a bad idea to attach some considerable names to it. I would consider Ridley Scott a “considerable name.” Jon Spaihts? Not so much.

Here’s the thing, Fox is trying to revive—I will not say Resurrect . . .I will NOT—the Alien franchise. At first, Fox had announced the Ridley Scott would produce. Good enough, right? I guess not. Fox has now apparently got Scott to direct.

Is this good news? Well, it isn’t bad news, but it does nothing to insure the quality of the next Alien movie. Scott is a fantastic director, absolutely one of my favourites, if not my favourite. But as much as his hits are out of the park, he has his misses. And I’m not sure he needs or should visit the Alien well again.

I understand that Fox wants to make money. Fine. But the original Alien made money and it was, y’know, original. That seems to be something movie studios are losing sight of. Everything has to be an existing franchise, be it a book, a toy, or a game. If Fox can get Scott to direct a science fiction/action property, that’s awesome. How about something original?

Too much to ask, right?

Full disclosure: I actually enjoyed Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. They were no where up to the level of Alien or Aliens, but they were fun movies. However, given the choice between a “fun” Alien movie and a “fun” original sf/actioner, I’d prefer original, please.