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Wolverine in Trainwreck, Film . . . maybe never.

I’m starting to worry.
Big name reviewers, guys who work in the mass media, I don’t usually pay much heed. Mark Kermode, I’ll consider. Most of the reviewers I take seriously are people I know (if Rob or Chris from the Accidental Survivors reviews a movie, that is something that can actually sway me to see or avoid a movie), or online reviewers.

Three of the places I frequent for my movie news haven’t been too complimentary about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Matt Goldberg at positively HATES it. Vic Holtreman at Screen Rant gives it a mediocre rating and the back-handed compliment of being better than X3. Wow, that’s like reviewing a restaurant and saying the meal is better than warmed over vomit. And now Canfield at Twitch is trashing it.

Wow. Maybe I’ll wait until its out on DVD.

Maybe not even that. According to the reviews, Deadpool is totally screwed up in the movie–unless there is an after credit fix, that part isn’t entirely clear.

So, if I do see a movie this summer, looks like it’ll be Star Trek.