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Thor Who?

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thor_1.jpgThere’s a rumour going around that the role of Thor in the Marvel movie helmed by Kenneth Branagh has been cast. It’s Chris Hemsworth.


Oh. Huh.

Now, I was never campaigning for a big guy. We don’t need a wrestler or bodybuilder coming in to play this role. While the Thor of Marvel comics had a steroids ++ body, that’s comics. Every male hero has impossibly huge muscles and every female–hero or not–has impossibly huge breasts. No, there’s no need for ‘Roid Rage Thor ™.

chris-hemsworth.jpgThe thing is, I have no idea who this guy is or if he’s got anything to bring to the table. Do I trust Branagh? Generally . . . though he did cast Keanu Reeves as a villain, so there’s a limit.

Were it any other director attached, I’d be lukewarm. I’m moderately excited because it seems they’ve got someone who can act–or at least screen test really, really well. Dude can bulk up a la Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale.

Can I wait until 2010 for a Branagh Thor? I’m going to have to.