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Ratner Off Conan

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conan.jpgIs this good news? I’m not sure. Apparently (according to the article), Brett Ratner won’t be directing the Conan movie (for now). Further, filming is supposed to start in August.

The starting filming in August is certainly good news, assuming they’ve got a completed and decidedly excellent script (if not, I could free up some time . . .  just sayin’). Ratner off the job is probably good news, but who’s going to replace him? Aye, there’s the rub. See, while Ratner sucks, I’m fairly certain that there are others that would bring more suckage (suckitude?) to the table. Ratner is a known quantity.

I’ll be interested to hear who gets the nod for this, both for directing and for the Conan role. That role, by the way, is going to be done through an open casting call.

Will Dwayne Johnson go for it? Frankly, I think that would be pretty cool as I actually found the Scorpion King entertaining (in a cheesy fantasy flick kind of way). Of course, there are lots of folks out there that could do Conan. Arnold did a great job, and he’s not even that stellar an actor–not horrible, mind you, but certainly not Royal Shakespearean level.

Or maybe Vin Diesel? Yeah, that could rock . . . or whatever.

And Red Sonja? Could be interesting. Considering the last attempt, I’m not overly excited.

(And what’s with all the parantheses? Don’t know, must be the weather . . .)