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Mini-Review: Nuketown: Radio Active

radioactive_sm.jpgI really don’t know Ken Newquist, but I do. Thanks to Nuketown: Radio Active, I know a fair amount about Ken’s work, family, and games. Unlike a lot of the geek podcasts to which I listen, Nuketown: Radio Active is as much about Ken as it is about geek topics. And that’s cool. Ken and I have a lot in common. I enjoy hearing about Ken’s family as much as I enjoy hearing about the geek topics. The show would honestly be diminished, in my mind if Ken kept to just geek topics. And Ken is a a great host, with a great “on air” persona–which I would imagine is actually just Ken, on air.

Do I need to mention the language is work safe? It’s toddler safe too.

Pros: Great host with enjoyable delivery; amusing and insightful personal anecdotes as well as geek related info.

Cons: Time between episodes–yes, I’m going there. Give us more, dammit!

Nuketown: Radio Active is another of those “first in the queue” podcasts. If you’re a geek dad, you’ll likely enjoy this podcast as much as I do. If you aren’t, listen anyway–Ken’s got his fingers in a lot of geekery.

Fraser’s Rating: 4.75 out of 5 (’cause nobody gets the 5, and we need weekly episodes . . . twice a week would be good too!)