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Dog Conan? Dooms Conan? Maybe.

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kingconan2.jpgA name has sprung up in relation to the directing of the new Conan movie. Now this is but one name among many, someone on a list, but given the other names I’ve seen, this is the one that fills me with the most hope.

Neil Marshall.

Mr. Marshall directed both the amazing Dog Soldiers and the action-packed Doomsday. Of the two, I would say Dog Soldiers is the better movie, but I would be more than pleased to have a Conan movie as entertaining as Doosmday. I figure we get Dog Conan, and it’ll be another Barbarian. We get Dooms Conan, it’ll still be infinitely better than Destroyer.

Let’s just hope The problem is that Mr. Marshall is directing Centurion–which looks fucking hot–and the producers say they want production on Conan started by August. That schedule might leave Mr. Marshall out of the running. That would suck.

This isn’t to say there are no other good directors on the list, considering it includes James McTeigue and Christophe Gans. I loved V for Vendetta and I continue to worship at the altar of Brotherhood of the Wolf, but neither of those movies is a good measure for a Conan movie. With Mr. Marshall, I can look at Doomsday and say, yeah, he could sure as shit do Conan. Still, either Messrs. McTeigue or Gans could deliver the goods.

But I would really love to see what Neil Marshall could do.