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Wolverine Workprint May Be More Print than Work

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x-men-origins-wolverine-poster.jpg1. So did you see the leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Nah, me neither.

2. So, do you venture into AICN and read the comments? Nah, me neither.

1 + 2 = I have to read in an article on Collider that the leaked Wolverine print is the same as what will hit the theatres.

What does that mean? I have no idea. What’d that Fox guy who lost his job say about Deadpool? Ryan Reynolds has said the dude shooting lasers out of eyes and with claw-envy is, in fact, Deadpool. I want to know if he goes back to normal at the end. I wouldn’t mind if the Weapon X project somehow messed Deadpool up if the result is the Deadpool from comics.

Likelihood of that? Probably near zero. But there is talk of a Deadpool movie with Mr. Reynolds, so there is hope.

Maybe the movie can have a guest cameo by Black Widow? Then again, given all the rights issues, probably as likely that Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds will be stopping by for tea to thank me for my interest.

Though that would be cool.