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All the Vatican Was Kung-Fu Fighting . . . Huh!

A kung-fu fightin’, counter-terrorist monk–doesn’t that sound like an awesome character for any modern RPG campaign? It’s like someone took the Monk class from D&D (well, pre-4e D&D, ’cause the 4 don’t have the Monk) and just jammed it into a modern European setting. “Where you going to find monks? The Vatican of course! My monk character works for the Vatican. He’s a counter-terrorism expert.”

Yeah, and that’s the premise of a German TV movie that may become a series. I shit you not. Neither does Twitch.

This is just so full of cornball awesome, I’m going to have to include it my next modern campaign.

Maybe not.

Oddly enough, Death Train is also the title of a half-decent Patrick Stewart, Pierce Brosnana actioner from the 90s, better known to my university room-mates as Detonator. Yes, I owned the video back when we still had tapes.