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Campaign Crash & Burn

I had four players in my Viking True20 campaign. Things were chugging along well. We had one player who had a lot of scheduling issues, but we tried to work around them. Then one player moved to BC for a job. Hated to lose him, but understandable. Then the scheduling issue player had one major issue that left us twisting in the wind, and this led to him leaving the group.

Now I have two players. I don’t feel comfortable continuing to game with only two players. Three players is my minimum. Maybe if these guys were my university friends or something I’d be cool with continuing. While both the remaining players are good guys, I haven’t known them that long and only through the game. So I’ve had to call the campaign until we get at least one more player.


The worst part is the Viking campaign has morphed into something much more intricate than I at first expected. This was through using player input, or concepts the players themselves had provided. It’s been a lot of fun. Then there is the next campaign, a kind of riff on Planetary played in Mundus Novit. I was trying to decide whether to go d20 Modern, True20, Mutants & Masterminds, orSavage Worlds. I guess I won’t have to worry about that choice.