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Mini-Review: the Podgecast

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thepodgecast_t.jpgThe Podgecast is one of the very few podcasts that goes directly to the head of my listening queue when a new episode shows up. All four of the hosts are excellent. Their varied personalities provide a great dynamic, and the interplay is the high point of the show. Along with the comedy gold this often produced, the Podgecast regularly offers insightful opinions and/or advice.

Pros: Outstanding hosts;, usually hilarious; intelligent discussion in a light-hearted manner

Cons: While generally clean, the language is still spicy enough that I can’t listen with my toddler around–who is pretty much always around these days; some tangents are less amusing and more tangential than others

The Podgecast is in the top echelon of gaming podcasts for entertainment and insight. It’s the gaming podcast I recommend the most.

Fraser’s Rating: 4.75 out of 5 (if totally family friendly, it’d be a 5)