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GOLD: Episode 2 – To Find a King

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Presenting: GOLD: Episode 2 – To Find a King!

Lucky you! The new installment of GOLD, Episode 1: When a Star Falls, is live at

As the World Championship looms ever closer, Richard struggles to bring his disjointed team together, while Jon and Jackson try to come to terms with their exclusion from the games and the rise of online role playing. Meanwhile the British team learn of the new American line-up, which forces them to re-think their strategy, and Cissy confronts Jon about his attitude toward her and his injury.

Episode 2 is available at in Standard Definition (default), High Definition, and in downloadable format, suitable for use with iPods, iPhones, etc. You can also subscribe to the GOLD episodes in Apple’s iTunes store by searching for GOLD the Series in the iTunes store or by clicking on the “Subscribe in iTunes” button at

In other GOLD news, the series continues to build momentum and add viewers. We’ve also had a good deal more news coverage, including these highlights:
– A great review at NewTeeVee:
– A fantastic video interview from the January WebTV Meetup: (select “Gold Interview” from the video menu)

As always, you can watch and re-watch GOLD to your heart’s content (we encourage it), share it with friends, and generally go wild with it. If you’ve got a blog, feel free to embed the video on your site, too. Share the shiny elvish love. Your good vibes and word-of-mouth is our best route to continued success (and continued episodes).

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