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More Deadpool? Yes Please

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deadpool_large.jpgdeadpool.jpgSo, according to IESB, the X-Men Origins: Wolverine re-shoots now underway are to incorporate more  in the movie. I’m all for that. For one, I actually like the character. Given a good writer, Deadpool can be quite amusing. Second, as any who know me can tell you, I have a bit of a man-crush on Ryan Reynolds. The guy consistently cracks me up, is a Canuck, and married Scarlett Johansson. His character and quips were some of the few bright spots in Blade: Trinity (along with Jessica Biel . . . just being there!). So adding more Deadpool to this Wolverine movie is cool by me.

That’s not saying this might not all end up taking a huge steaming poop on the X-Men franchise. Oh, wait, Brett Ratner already did that!