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Samuel L Jackson IS Nick Fury . . . Maybe

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SCI FI Wire is reporting that Samuel L Jackson may not continue in the role of Nick Fury, as portrayed at the end of Iron Man.nick_fury.jpg

The story indicates it’s about the money.

This is insane. How can you have Nick Fury and not have Samuel L (mother-f$%kin’) Jackson? The only other person to portray Nick Fury on the screen was David Hasselhoff. We are simply given no choice but to bow to SL(mf)J’s demands.

Give him whatever he was paid for Snakes On A Plane, because, seriously, if he was willing to do that for a paycheque, he should be willing to do anything.

While pre-Ultimate era Marvel fandom might be willing to consider a slew of other actors for Nick Fury, his portrayal in the Ultimates makes it pretty much a no-brainer that SL(mf)J has to be the man up on the screen. If that gives him leverage to get some extra cake out of the production, what’s so wrong with that? SL(mf)J as Nick Fury will actually be a draw for me, as much as Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

And I really don’t want to consider the repercussions of losing SL(mf)J!



1 thought on “Samuel L Jackson IS Nick Fury . . . Maybe”

  1. Hey, I seen David Hasselhoff as Fury…but I can not remember anything about the show.

    Which speaks volumes I guess.

    Gotta go read the Ultimates again.

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