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Snowflake Project: The Extended Plot Synopsis

So, the next step in the Snowflake Method is to take each sentence of the plot paragraph, and create a paragraph from that. I didn’t take that literally. The sentences from the plot paragraph are not reused or somehow stretched, rather the plot aspect reflected in the sentence is revealed in more detail. I don’t know if this is what the Method intends, but it seemed logical to me.

So my extended plot synopsis looks like this:

Becca Kim, a special warfare operator with NATO’s Advanced Tactics Action Company, coaxes Alex Scott, ex-black ops agent and now part of the secretive Drift cadre, to join her in finding Boyle, Scott’s friend and her mentor. Boyle has been linked to the death of a mysterious operative known only as the Bedouin. Kim and Scott encounter the siblings Jack and Sarah, who are also seeking Boyle, but who are secretly planning to kill him in retaliation for the murder of the Bedouin. After a close call with a black ops hunter team, Kim realizes that word is out that she has gone rogue, and worse, that she is connected with TANGLIBLE STREAM and the murder of the Bedouin.

Finding Boyle, the team learns that TANGIBLE STREAM is black ops team to eliminate paranormal threats. Unfortunately, Boyle’s team uncovered an attempt to start a hot war between Western and Chinese intelligence agencies, possibly to remove their paranormal assets. Now Kim’s team has been targeted as part of the TANGIBLE STREAM “conspiracy,” and may have a kill order. But Boyle has leads and connections that lead the team to the eastern European nation of Turveria.

Preparing to enter Turveria, the team is intercepted by a special operations group led by agents out of the CIA’s ESPer unit, Narcissus. Kim and Boyle’s information persuades Narcissus to rethink their information on TANGIBLE STREAM. An attack by an assassination team leads the Narcissus team to join with Kim’s team in an assault on the villain’s lair in Turveria.

The Narcissus parapsyche is able to cover the action of the team, and Kim and her comrades secretly infiltrate Turveria and are able to locate the ultimate villain. Known only as St. Martin, he is a parapsyche of remarkable power, supported by the dictator of Turveria. The team is able to eliminate St. Martin’s threat–leaving him apparently braindead . . . apparently. On the verge of being captured by the Turverian army, the team is rescued by an unexpected ally, and an international incident is avoided.

Also, as this reveals, there is a character that hasn’t been outlined yet, and that’s Boyle. He’s important to the plot, so I figured I better get that done too.

The character’s name: Boyle

Summary of the character’s storyline: Caught in the middle of a conspiracy to eradicate the intelligence community’s paranormal assets, Boyle finds himself blamed for the death of the shadowy figure known as the Bedouin, and he must find the real murderer to clear his name.

The character’s motivation: Believing that he has failed his TANGIBLE STREAM unit, Boyle needs to protect his team from what he sees as the consequences of his actions.

The character’s goal: Boyle must find the real murderer of the Bedouin and gain evidence in order to clear himself of the charge.

The character’s conflict: Boyle is being hunted by agents of t he real murderer as well as elements of the intelligence community intent on sanctioning him, permanently.

The character’s epiphany: Boyle realizes that while threats may be posed on a government level, it tends to boil down to a person with an agenda, and to understand the actors is to understand the situation.

Contacting Becca Kim, Boyle is able to connect with her team and reveal that he has uncovered a conspiracy to heat up the cold war between the Western and Chinese intelligence communities. This puts Kim and her team in danger. He brings them into his confidence, and with their help, tracks the parapsyche threat to Turveria.