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Dare We Dream of Conan?

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Okay, it’s kind of a good news/bad news thing. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that there’s going to be a new Conan movie. That’s good. It’s apparently being directed by Brett Ratner. That’s bad. The script is based on the original Howard stories from the 30s. That’s good. From the article: Ratner, repped by CAA, most recently directed “Rush Hour 3” and “X-Men: The Last Stand.” That, I’m sorry to say, is bad.

I liked Rush Hour. A lot. Rush Hour 2 wasn’t bad. Rush Hour 3 had Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker reprising their roles, as well as some “Hot” “Chicks.” That encapsulates the good things about Rush Hour 3. I really don’t think Brett Ratner can direct. Other than Rush Hour–the success of which I attribute to its leads–I haven’t been impressed with anything Ratner has done. He pretty much took a dump on the X-Men with Last Stand.

So it’s awesome that Conan may be back, that they are hearkening back to his roots, that they are going R-rated and thinking franchise. Let’s just hope Ratner can keep his head above water and at least deliver something entertaining. Still, I can’t see this topping Conan the Barbarian.