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The Four Worthies

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Each of the characters will be based on a paradigm or role common to wuxia or historical action/fantasy movies. The actual personality will be based on the character’s Chinese zodiac symbol.

The characters are listed by the name commonly used, their full names, their role, and their Chinese zodiac symbol. Korean names begin with a surname and then a given name, usually a first and second name, hyphenated. It is possible to have a single given name, though this is not common.

Kim Jung-yun, swordsman, Dog

Yoon Young-won, archer, Snake

No Song-han, martial artist, Rabbit

Chay Dae-yoo, Buddhist monk, Monkey

All four fought in the Righteous Armies, volunteer militia units that have sprung up in response to the Japanese invasion. They have forged a deep bond in the months of hard fighting, and were General Kim Jong-mu’s most trusted soldiers. The General was killed by a Japanese arquebus just outside Andong, and asked the four–known within the Righteous Armies as the Four Worthies–to take his remains to his father, Kim Dae-sam, in the village of Namgakksan, near the town of Jinbo.