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Starting Up A Game (I Hope!)

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I am planning on beginning a role-playing game in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada). The game would happen every other (or every third) Thursday, starting at 7 PM. I am looking for between 4 and 6 players. There would be an initial meeting on the second or third Thursday in July (2008), during which the theme of the game would be decided and a group template created. Any one interested should email with a brief introduction. Once I have gathered the group, we can decide on a meeting place.

These are the possible games that I could run and the system with which I would run them.

Detachment Seven (gritty spec ops military)
House-ruled d20 Modern
Albenistan is about to blow wide open. The government has just voided the results of the recent elections–elections which they lost dramatically. Fanatical nationalist groups are now joined by those that were moderate, but have been driven to the extreme. Stuck in the middle of this is the United Nation’s Central Asian Stabilisation Force – Albenistan. Stationed at Khorforjan and trying to avert a worse humanitarian crisis than already exists, CASFOR-A can’t oppose the government, but certainly doesn’t condone its actions. As tensions heat up, NATO sends in Detachment Seven (D7), it’s secretive special warfare unit, in the hopes of stopping any threats on CASFOR-A before they materialize.

The Imperator System (heroic science-fantasy)
Savage Worlds
Exodus, the first commercial spacecraft, on its maiden voyage with tourists planning to visit the international space station, disappears into some kind of vortex. It appears in a small pocket system, finding itself the victim of the Imperator, iron-fisted ruler of a system created with the pieces of planets ripped from their orbits by the Travel Vortex. These planets are all shattered, their populations under the yoke of the Imperator. Earth is next, unless the survivors of the Exodus can stop it. But what can they do against the super science of the Imperator?

Special Tactical Action Response Team (Hong-Kong style action)
Savage Worlds
In the city of Uhdoshi, in the near future, gangs of gun-runners and drug smugglers are rampant. In order to stem the tide of crime, the State Council has passed the START laws, creating a special police unit to which normal regulations don’t apply. Their identities a secret, their methods extreme, the Special Tactical Action Response Team is going to clean up the city, no matter how many bullets it might take.

Labours for a Lost Love (low-magic, pseudo-17th century fantasy)
House-ruled Conan RPG
Famed throughout Hadrapole, the greatest city in the known world, the Sworn Swords have found a moment of peace. One of the band’s lost love is found, only to then disappear. In unravelling the mystery of the lover’s disappearance, the Sworn Swords discover conspiracies and deadly vendettas that could consume not only the grand Jewel of Cities, but all the Aliterium as well.